Why Doterra and Young Living Essential Oil is Not For Me

Ever since winter started I have never parted ways with a tissue paper.  My colds just comes and go anytime it wants to wreck havoc in my system.  I have ditched the tablet medicines long time ago due to my too many allergies and have relied mostly on natural remedy like honey lemon juice for colds and pineapple juice for the cough.  But recently, I have tried using essential oils.  Amazingly, it works for me.

I have seen so many posts in my social media claiming they are the best essential oils in the market.  And they could provide so many natural remedies for almost any sickness or ailments.  That was one of the reasons why I have decided to try it.  There are two names often mentioned when essential oils are discussed.  Doterra and Young Living.  I’ve checked both items and concluded that its not for me.  Why?  Because I’m cheap. lol!

Preparing my Roller Blend using Avocado Oil

These essential oils are pretty expensive.  And I often wonder why you have to be a member to avail of its products.  Why is there a need for a membership for something that could benefit a lot of people without resorting to too many chemically produced products?  Anyway, being bitter will not get me anywhere.  So I did a little research and found out some of the essential oils are being sold in Sydney.  One if the chemist/pharmacy and the other are shops that sells raw materials for soap making and candle making.

I often visit Chemist Warehouse to check their weekly promos.  And sometimes their essential oils have a price slash.  My go-to oil for my colds is Eucalyptus Oil.  Perfect for colds and as a anti bacterial spray when I am cleaning the house.  A 50 ml Thursday Plantation Eucalyptus oil would cost around AUD 4.00.  Lower when it is on sale.  Another oil commonly put on sale at the chemist is the Lavender oil.

The second place I source my essential oil is the New Direction shop.  Located in Marrickville, this shop is just heaven for the DIY-ers.  The building itself is just so inviting and calming.  Or maybe its just the smell when you enter the building.  The entire second level of the building is a combination of office, showroom and an area for workshops.  Their products ranges from essential oils, raw materials for skin and hair care and materials for cosmetics.  They offer both the standard essential oils and the organic essential oils.  I believe they also offer wholesale for these products.

As their showroom is a bit difficult to reach if you don’t drive.  You can purchase items online and have it delivered.  You can also have it picked up as parking in the area is limited.  Price starts from AUD 3.50 depending on the oil you required and volume.

New Direction Showroom

There are other shops in Sydney that also offer these kind of items but so far, New Direction has the cheapest prices for almost all of the essential oils available in Sydney market.  But! If you are keen on buying stuff online Amazon also has a great range of essential oils like this item.

So, essential oil is another way to go if you want to live a less toxic life.  Please be keep in mind that essential oils are just supplements and not the solution to any of your ailments.  it is still best to visit and consult your doctor.


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