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Food Review: So BBQ Buffet

I have been a bit busy lately and there was no time to eat out and discover good eats.  We were limited to take-away and reheating leftovers.  Who would have thought that a travel planned for almost a year could still have issues than plans there were made a little over a week?  Anyway, because of a stressful few weeks, we have finally decided to stuffed ourselves – actually I was the one who decided – the husband and the bub have no choice but to follow me to So BBQ Buffet.

Recently opened, So BBQ Buffet is located in the busy center of Strathfield.  It’s along a small road, parking is tricky as the side street and parking area is also used by residents and other establishments.  We visited it on a Sunday, lunch time.  It was not busy, arrived around 1:00 pm.  Although, I have to say, I waited a bit for someone to accommodate me.  Everybody was busy clearing tables.  So was not sure if I would just grab a table or pay first before being seated.

Luckily, one staff saw me awkwardly waiting by the counter and informed me that we could just choose any seat and start eating.  As I said earlier, parking was a challenge, have to go out and waited for the husband and the bub.  Once inside again, we were ushered to a table by the window.  Goody we could people watch while eating. Lol.  We didn’t really have time to people watch.  The husband was pretty good would getting the bbq going as soon as we were seated.

For the food.  A variety of fresh and marinated meat are displayed on one side of the  banquet.  There were a few seafood.  We didn’t tried some because I’m allergic.  The winner among the lot is the marinated pork neck.  It tasted so much like Filipino’s tocino.  Sweet and salty which goes perfectly well with the egg fried rice.  Ah heaven.  The pork belly was pretty thick, so if you are keen on indulging with this kind of meat, better get them early in the grill.  There was only one soup and it was ok.  The perfect heat to open your palate.  Ready to eat food are also available.  The basic Korean staples rice, fried fish, fried chicken tenders, hash brown, Japchae, Pork Bulgogi, Tteokbokki and cold noodle.  They also have shaved ice dessert and some salads.

Korean drinks are also available.  What I really love about the experience is all the meat were tasty and by the time I was done eating I was bursting.  Service was okay.  Place is very nice and open.  Total wallet damage is $64.  I’m not sure how they calculated it $28 per adult and my son is 3 they have probably charged $8.

Will I come back?  Maybe if I will not be the one paying.





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