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Sir Joseph Banks Park

Before we started packing for our home move, we had a weekend free.  So we decided to revisit Sir Joseph Banks Park in Botany and check out the trees we have planted.  What I love about Sydney is there are plenty of parks where you can play and have a picnic.

For my son’s first birthday, we had a tree planting event.  I wanted it to be something that could teach him how to give back to the community where is living.  So I reached out to the Botany Bay council and asked them what we could do to help the community as a celebration for my son’s first birthday.  Thus the tree planting event at Sir Joseph Banks park.

The park is located in Botany with two streets to access it.  One is through Tupia St. and the other one is thru Fremlin St.  This park has a big area for any event.  It even has two (2) shaded bbq area perfect for parties.  That’s where we held my son’s birthday.  The shed has 4 electric bbq with 4 picnic tables.

The playground is perfect for kids with so much energy to burn.  It also has a walking and running path where you can use your scooter or bike around the area.

There are benches all over the park where you can rest or just enjoy the view.  The pond the is the perfect spot to rest and enjoy the scenery.  Among other facilities of the park is ample parking space and toilet.

So when Mr. Sun comes out to play try doing it at Sir Joseph Banks park.