Hurstville Museum

<>School holidays means kids get to do more things with mum and dad.  It takes a bit of creativity just to keep this bonding times more enjoyable for both parties.  Before the school holidays are over we decided to explore Hurstville Museum.</>

We recently move here in Hurstville and there are still a lot to discover about this suburb.  For over a month now, my little brood is enjoying it well.  A week ago while trying to find the library I saw a sign saying pointing to a direction towards the Hurstville Museum, was not able to check it out until today.

The museum’s hallway

With my bub and my sister and her brood, we decided to visit the museum.  It would be a nice cultural experience for the kids.

The museum is very accessible as it is located in the heart of the bustling area of Hurstville.  A short walk from Westfield.

A cooking stove – Early Kooka

It was a small museum but full with so much information.  Even though my bub was more excited in stomping his feet on the wooden floors, I enjoyed the visit so much.

For those who haven’t actually used this – this is a typewriter

History is always such a romantic topic.  The artifacts shows different stories of people who migrated in this country.  Some of the items displayed were old items from the migrants and things they have used before all these sleek machines have been invented.

The things that migrants brought to remind them of home – Italian Bocce and an Arabic dagger

The current exhibition at the gallery is titled St. George on a Sunday.  It shows pictures of people from St. George area and what they do on a Sunday.  You will be amazed on how many different ways people interpret a Sunday in a picture.  It is just simple and beautiful.

Kids activities like art classes are also offered on site.  More museum activities and events are listed on their website.

Albeit my slight stress in keeping my toddler still inside the museum, it has been an enriching visit.  I would definitely visit it again, perhaps with the husband so he can chase after the toddler while I bask myself in art and history.

I hope more people will visit the museum.  You could learn a few things about the community there.  Plus admission is free.  Who couldn’t resist a free event.  The museum is located along 14 Macmachon St. Hurstville.  You’ll not missed it.  It’s the quaint little house around the corner.