Our Four Days in Bali

As I said in my previous post, Bali is truly beautiful just don’t go there in January.  It rained almost everyday that we were there.  Anyway, we still had an awesome time.

<>We spent four adventurous days there with our own itinerary and just hired a car with driver.  A lot of car hire companies can be found in Tripadvisor.  This site is truly a bucket of information.  It is recommended to use WhatsApp when contacting service providers.  Its faster and practical as you won’t be using up your phone credits.</>

First Day

For our first day, we decided to sort of sleep in and enjoy the amenities of the hotel.  Plus it was already drizzling by the time we went down for breakfast.  When it stopped raining, we decided to check the beach and the pool.  It was not really a sight to see as it was cloudy plus the sand is brown.  But we can’t resist the pool.

In the afternoon, we went to have dinner at Potato Head Beach Club.  From what I’ve read its a must visit when in Bali.  It was one big compound with restaurants and bars.  It has a wide lawn with benches surrounding it which faces the beach.  What I like most about this place is its vibe.  From its facade of salvaged shutters to its restaurants which enjoys a view of the sea.  This is definitely the place to hang out with friends or for a date night.  We took a cab going there.  Tip in getting taxi, always go with Bluebird taxi.  They are highly recommend as they use proper taxi meter.

Behind the Shutter Facade

Second Day

We hired a driver for this day as we had a full day planned ahead.  First in the list is visiting a Balinese Healer. I know, I know.  I didn’t know about it too until I’ve read Eat, Pray and Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (very good read).  But since I’m already here, why not give it a go?!  The car hire was surprised when I mentioned my planned itinerary was to visit is the healer.  It’s not what most tourists do when they visit Bali.

So it was a first for both of us – the driver and us.  We were informed that we have to be early so as to avoid crowds and traffic in Bali.  When we got there there were already a small group waiting for their turn.  We asked our driver what we need to do, he was kind enough to ask one tour guide on what to do.  A small payment should be prepared and we will put it inside a basket at the table near Tjokorda Gde Rai.  The waiting was a bit long and the bub was already bored.  It was just so interesting watching him do his healing.  He knows a little English so communication was not difficult.

When it was our turn.  He sweep his stick across my body and started poking on points.  One point was in between my big toe and the second toe.  It was really painful.  He then murmured some prayers. Then a little more poking and massaging.  He poked that part where it hurts again and there was no pain anymore.  He told me, I think too much and I have to let go.  Worrying will not be healthy for my body.  It was a quick session compared to the waiting period.  But it was interesting.

After the healer, we went to the Elephant Cave.  By that time, it was already raining.  But we wen through our itinerary.  There was a small entrance fee to explore the place.  We weren’t able to do a lot of site seeing as it was pouring and I don’t want the bub to get soaked.

We had our lunch in front of the Ubud Market.  Can I just say it was a terrible lunch?  It was good looking restaurant but the food was just bleh.  After an unappetizing lunch we crossed the street to the market.  We are so happy to find Durian.  Bought one and was already worried on how to smuggle it inside the hotel. *cheeky smile*  One good buy I had at the market were Balinese art drawings.  It was really pricey – so had to put my haggling skills to use.  It was worth it.  Just around the corner of the Ubud Market is the Ubud Palace.  You can just walk going there from the market.

Last in the itinerary is the Ubud Monkey Temple.  Like most temples it has intricate buildings set in the backdrop of a forest and plenty of monkeys everywhere.  be careful when feeding them, they can be very cheeky.

Third Day

For our third day in Bali we decided to use the free shuttle of the hotel going to Kuta. We got off at Discovery Shopping Mall.  It was a huge mall and its right next to the beach.  Did a little shopping and site seeing.  Bought some souvenirs too.  But like most malls, you’d easily get tired roaming it.

In the evening, we went to Bali Collection.  Again using the free shuttle.  It was a big compound of restaurants and one shopping mall that sells too expensive things.  Come to think of it, everything there was too pricey.  A tourist trap.

Fourth and Last Day

Since our flight leaves at 6 pm.  We decided to do more souvenir shopping and yes going to the grocery.  In most of my post, whenever we visit new places I always make it a point to visit their grocery store.  It’s one way of knowing their culture in terms of consumption.  Or so I think.  Anyway, we went to Mal Bali Galeria.  I like it there.  there were good restaurants to choose from and prices at the grocery were cheap.

We have already checked out when we left for our quick shopping.  So when we got back at the hotel, we just asked the staff if we could use their shower and change for our flight back to Sydney.

It was one quick trip in Bali and spent mostly indoors as rain was just very unpredictable.  There were still a lot of places that should be explore in Bali.  Hopefully next time we get to do it again minus the rain. - Last Minute Deals