Hello fellow wanderers!

My name is Mai a shorter version of my already short name Myla.  I don’t offer you any services but I can offer you a glimpse of my misadventures.

I’ve started blogging way back in 2010 while living and working in Abu Dhabi.  It was just a virtual paper of mostly thoughts about experiences I had then I remembered some of my travels before I exchanged “I do” with the mister.  Back then internet was not yet that accessible to me and travel tips and tricks are hard to come by.  Thus the aim of this blog for those travel info gaps that most travel bloggers forget to mention, I try to put them in so adventure travelling would be more enjoyable.  I will try though.

I’ve always wanted to travel, being lucky to be born into a family who are working in an airline company we often get free travels.  Well, not completely free, we still need to pay airport tax and what nots but compared to a paying passenger it was basically free.  However, I never get to enjoy the non-revenue life because I was too engrossed (yes, I was) with school.  By the time I was already working, still was not able to travel because of (you’ve guessed it!) graduate school.

Then just when my travel benefits started to dwindle I got the chances to travel again.  How ironic is that?  So made the most of it then the bub came along.  Not that I am complaining. I am completely happy being a mum.  Now my adventures are frequent but mostly in the city where we live in.  We still try to travel even once a year but discovering the state where we live in still gives an awesome sense of adventure.

I hope my experiences will give you that sense of adventure to discover new things too or we can share!



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