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Food Review: Se Jong Korean BBQ Buffet

<>I have been meaning to do a review of this restaurant for like nth times already.  I just forgot  to take pictures whenever we eat there.  Yes, we have been there quite a number of times already.  So the recent one was when the brother arrived to visit Sydney.  So we said hello again to Se Jong Korean BBQ Buffet.

What makes us come back is not really the food or the service it was the coffee.  LOL. A short story.  The first time my husband tried it he said it reminded him of the coffee he used to take while he was still living at the camp of his old employer in Abu Dhabi.  It was a Korean company so naturally most of the food in the pantry is Korean.  He said the coffee served at Se Jong was the same.  I did like the coffee it was good – rich and creamy.  He finally found the courage to ask the staff what coffee they used so we could buy it and enjoy it at home.  Lo and behold!  It was just Nescafe Blend 43!  There is definitely something wrong with my husband’s tongue.

Back to the restaurant.  Parking in front of the restaurant is available.  It usually gets filled up fast so better come in early.  The buffet starts around 11:30 am and it is only during lunch.  Dinner will be buffet and BBQ.  The Price starts from $18 per person and kid’s rate is calculated by age.

Once you are inside you have to pay first then you will be ushered to a table.  The place is big enough but could also fill up fast.  If you are in a big group better call to reserve a table.  I’m no expert in Korean food, but the basic ones are usually served.  There’s Japchae, some sushi, and bulgogi.  I love their vegetable tempura.  I can’t get enough of the sweet potato and the sliced onion.  Oily goodness.  Another winner in their menu is the fried chicken.  Korean fried chicken is just plain addictive.


The menu rarely changes.  Whatever day you visit its the same.  That’s just the thing about their buffet.  I just wish they could change some of the food they serve or a rotation would do.  But then again, I don’t come here as often.  More like every 3 months whenever I feel like indulging myself to those crispy tempura and yummy coffee *wink*wink*.


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