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Food Review: Dog Bistro

<>These days a dinner out is always a treat.  When you have a two-year old in tow that treat always seems like not a treat at all.  So on one rare night, we had a treat (or something like that!) at the Dog Bistro in Randwick.</>

The venue that we came from on was just a short distance to the Dog Hotel, so we decided to walk.  As the hotel is located along the main road going to Bondi Junction parking slots are limited.

Once you get inside the bistro, the buzz of people enjoying a good night is the music that welcomes you.  We had a table reservation and were seated immediately.

Roasted Chicken

The staff were friendly and menus were handed out right away.  The menu consist mostly of classic pub meals and a salad bar.  Aside from the usual pub food they also have specials every night of the.  It was a Thursday so we have rotisserie for the specials.  You can choose between the suckling lamb, the chicken and the pork belly.

Pork Belly

I ordered the chicken while husband ordered the pork belly.  My brother-in-law also included a platter of fish and chips and calamari.  We didn’t wait long for our orders to arrive.

I didn’t enjoy my roasted chicken.  It was bland and there was not much gravy to make it more appealing.  The chips were okay.  The pork belly on the other hand was fantastic.  It just melts in your mouth.  The crunchy skin just adds a texture on the whole meal.  The baked veggies were a bit uninspired.  It would have been better if it was served with mashed or baked potatoes.  The calamari was a hit.  It was tender and perfectly seasoned.  Same goes with the fish albeit its small size.

Calamari and fish and chips

Hits and miss on the dips and sauces provided.  As I said the gravy on my chicken was basically nonexistent.  The apple sauce for the pork belly was not really a perfect pair.  The pork belly wasn’t really that salty that requires a too sweet apple sauce.  The mushy peas looks like it was there as a dip and not a sides.  It lacks a bit of salt.

The easy ambiance inside the Dog Bistro makes it a perfect place to dine in anytime of the week not just for couples but also with the family.  Perhaps we should try their other specials too.  With the size of their servings for the specials, I look forward the next time we visit.

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