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Food Reciew: Yass BBQ Buffet

<>On a lazy Saturday, we decided to visit Flemington market for some cheap fruits and veggies.  After battling the haggling crowd of the market we went out and look for cheap eats.  Since its a weekend why not go for an all-you-can-eat deal.  The nearest one according to dear google map is Yass BBQ Buffet in Strathfield.</>

Despite being it 10 minutes drive from Flemington market, the place was difficult to locate plus the traffic made the drive almost like 30 minutes.  It is located in the central area of Strathfield making it tricky to find a parking slot.

Don’t walk too fast you might miss this door

The restaurant was also a bit tricky to locate because there was only a small name on the door with a stairs that leads to the main restaurant.  I was a bit excited going there.  Thrilled to find another cheap Korean food buffet only to be disappointed with the sight of rickety door and dark interiors.

the warmers not warming the food enough

Anyway, we went in and noticed that the stairs need a little updating and cleaning.  The restaurant was almost empty except for us and three diners.  They had the barbecue buffet.  Since we were already very hungry we decided to go for the buffet.  The warmers don’t look so appealing.  It has almost the same menu as my fave Korean buffet in Campsie.  Servings were little and one of the warmers is housing two flies inside so told my husband to skip that.

The buffet food was not good.  The warmers were not even warming up the dishes.  The dessert looked like a week old fruits sliced.  Really, I was not happy with the meal.  I should have opted for the Korean bbq plus buffet.  I’d probably enjoy the grilled meats and veggies.  In fairness, the chiller/freezer of the meat are packed.  There was so much to choose from.

For the price of $15 per person – the meal was unsatisfactory.  I should have gone to Macca’s my $15 would have gotten me a good and hot meal – without flies!


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