Beautiful Bali Indonesia

To start off our 2017, we went off to our first adventure as a family to beautiful Bali, Indonesia.

Bali Mandara Toll Road – Photo grabbed from

</>While the plane was preparing to land, we were already captivated by the long bridge that snaked across the Benoa Gulf .  We later found out that it was called the Bali Mandara Toll Road.  It connects a lot of the areas in Bali and lessens travel time as the traffic is terrible everywhere in Bali.</> - Last Minute Deals

Arrival was a disaster.  We booked a tour company Baliku Tours and Travel for an airport shuttle to our hotel.  The hotel where we were staying at provides airport shuttle too but it is more expensive so opted with a DIY shuttle.  Unfortunately that DIY didn’t go as smoothly as I hoped to be.  We can not find the contact person so we bought a sim card just to contact the company.  Turned out the driver/ contact person was hiding away at the edge of the receiving crowd with a minuscule placard with our name on it.

Bali Aston Beach Resort (sorry not really good with taking panorama pics)

Our hotel is located in Nusa Dua.  It is an hour and a half drive from the airport.  But when we use the Bali Mandara Toll travel time would be shorter.

The hotel is beautiful.  The grand reception welcomes you once you stepped out of the car.  The staff were all helpful and accommodating.  The hotel is not enclosed so you can enjoy the architecture al fresco.  Our room was generous in size, with wooden floorboards and windows.  It was homey.  Bathroom was huge with a separate tub good for two people.  The bub was pretty ecstatic about it.

The beach side of the hotel

Grand Aston Bali Beach Resort in located by the beach – sans the name beach resort. *cheeky grin* Aside from the beach it has a beautiful pool where you can enjoy the water without the sand and waves.  The beach side of the hotel is pretty relaxing.  The garden has a small area where you can do your yoga.  There are also some seats where you can read or lie while reading a book.  Total relaxation guaranteed.  There are plenty of hotels along the main road of Nusa Dua if you are confuse where to stay in Bali – Nusa Dua.

The pool

The hotel was also near the Bali Collection.  It is a complex with restaurants, a shopping mall and a walking distance to the Bali Nusa Dua Theater for the Devdan Show.  A free shuttle is available for most of the hotels along Nusa Dua.

This is how we exhausted our four days in Bali.



15 thoughts on “Beautiful Bali Indonesia”

  1. The place looks beautiful. Looks like you and the family had a good time, notwithstanding the trouble with the shuttle from the airport. Will surely keep this post in mind if we plan to go to Bali sometime. 🙂

  2. I’m about to plan a trip to Bali next month, so I’ll be sure to check out this resort! The disaster you encountered upon arrival at the airport was unfortunate, but I’m glad it turned out well. The resort is indeed gorgeous! Do you have a photo of the rooms? What other things are there to do in Bali? Do you like Bali more than Jakarta? Thanks for the post!

    1. I think I have a photo of the room but most of it has the bub in it. Not keen on posting pics with his face shown too clearly. I’ll post more of the things we’ve done in Bali on my next post. I haven’t been to Jakarta but I’m sure its as exciting as Bali.

  3. I love that photo of the toll road! I’ve been on that road so many times but I have never seen it like that as a bird’s eye view. Bali is a complicated place, it can be wonderful and it can be disastrous. Looks like you got a bit of both!

    1. It is beautiful from the top. The mix of our misadventure in Bali makes it more fun though – I think. 🙂

  4. I love Bali! I have been about 6 times and each time has been different and fun. We try and stay in different areas to mix it up but I have yet to stay in Nusa Dua! That is the one area I haven’t been. Sorry to hear the arrival was a disaster! With so many people getting shuttles you’d think they would have a bigger name card!

    1. Exactly! It was very frustrating especially that we have a toddler with us. Tantrums could happen anytime.

  5. I know Bali is a popular holiday destination among Australians. Unfortunately I have not been able to visit as of yet. I have heard many great things. What was your favourite thing about Bali?

  6. Ohhh, Bali. It’s unfortunate you had to go through some stress trying to contact the DIY shuttle you opted for, but it looks like that bit of wait was worth it enough given the lovely hotel you stayed in. How much did that cost you? I really have no idea about hotel costs in Bali or other parts of Asia.

    1. DIY has its ups and downs. But I would still prefer it compared to a guided tour. Its how you discover a place. I think. hehe. It didn’t cost too much – the hotel and round trip flight for the three of us costs around $2000 for 4 days.

  7. I love how Bali welcomed you and your family with a panoramic view of a long bridge that snaked across the Benoa Gulf. I’m glad that even you had a hard time with your DIY on your way to the Hotel, but still you manage it well. The Hotel looks amazing and the Pool is so inviting. I haven’t been to Bali yet, but I’m planning to go there probably in November this year.

  8. Bali Indonesia has always been on my travel bucket list. There’s really so much of this place that I really want to witness with my naked eyes haha. I have heard about the amazing beaches here but of course, what I really don’t want to miss is that picture-worthy Tanah Lot temple
    Hopefully I can visit Bali Soon
    thank you for sharing us your journey

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