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Bangkok: A Foodie’s Paradise

Asian food has always been a good motivation to eat out.  And among the Asian cuisines, Thai cuisine is always a winner.  A few years back, we were lucky to travel and celebrate three important occasions, my niece’s birthday, our initial entry and my birthday.  Our last stop of that entire journey was Bangkok, Thailand – A foodie’s paradise!

If it weren’t for a free accommodations we wouldn’t have considered adding this country in our itinerary.  But since its expiring very soon, decided to do it.  Anyway, another reason to explore a new culture is a good excuse to extend a vacation.

I have been to Bangkok many years ago, with the whole family.  Back then, DIY vacation was not really a thing, so we spent most of our time hopping in and out of vans to visit every tourist attractions of the city.  We did a little exploring on areas near the hotel and the ones my parents were familiar with.  But this trip, my husband and I did most of the adventurous on-the-budget tourists do, DIY.

Maybe I should break down my posts into two.  This post will focus mainly on what to eat in Bangkok and the next one will be on how to go to places, well not all places in Bangkok just the ones in our itinerary.  So food!

Before leaving for Bangkok, I had to do some mega research on Bangkok’s famous street food and where to try it.  I’m a huge huge fan of Pad Thai despite it being seafood laden and I’m allergic to it.  Good thing though I can order chicken instead of shrimp.

                                                         Pad Thai vendor

On our first night, I wanted to try Soi 38 Sukhumvit as I have read its the basic introduction to Thai street food cuisine and it is also near our hotel.  Unfortunately though, it was already a bit late and we are a bit tired from traveling 8 hours from Sydney.  So we headed straight to Khao San road.

True enough, it was a backpackers paradise.  It was a melting pot of tourists from all over the world.  And it probably has the best local Thai restaurant.  Right at the beginning of the street vendors sell Pad Thai, fresh fruits, crispy fried bugs, chocolate banana pancake and fresh fruit juice.  We were so hungry already so first stop was Pad Thai, ordered one heap of noodles and watch as the lady prepared our order.  Sorry don’t have pictures of those fried bugs, you have to buy one to have a picture.  They were pretty strict about it.  So while eating our noodles we started exploring the street. Pad Thai cost with chicken is THB 45.00. Not bad.

Pad Thai

We stopped again on another stall that sells anything meat on skewers.  We bought this breaded chicken with some spicy sauce.  It was good but not really amazing.  The street is lined with bars and restaurants.  Most tourists, grab a table and had a couple of beers while they people watch or make new friends with fellow travelers.  We bought more meat on skewers and some rice and “not-so-spicy” viands to take home since the Pad Thai was not enough.  Oh and yes we ordered another plate of Pad Thai to take home too.  Cost of the grilled meat on skewers ranges from THB 20 and up.

The next day, of culture exploring, We stopped on some stalls along one of our walks to buy some food that looks familiar or smells really really good.  Like grilled pork, who could ever resist such delight?  And while waiting for our boat we bought this banana fritter that looks exactly like the maruya I am familiar with back at home.

Grilled Pork Belly THB 40
Banana Fritter THB 10

For lunch, we already started our shopping by then so we took it at the food court of Platinum Fashion Mall.  Unlike most fast food courts I know, Bangkok’s food courts is bursting with local flavors.  You can choose a wide variety of culinary adventure.  Advice though, check most of the stalls first before ordering so you wouldn’t be disappointed once you saw somebody else is carrying a yummier plate near your table.  Another good thing about their fast food, you need to change your money to vouchers/coupons so most vendors don’t have to touch money when serving you.  Don’t worry if you still have more coupons you can refund it if you feel like you can’t swallow another spoonful.  Most food costs ranges from THB 50 and up.

Also, don’t be afraid to try street food.  Most of them are worth the stop.  We bought a coconut ice cream while waiting for a cab.  It has young coconut bits, creamy coconut ice cream topped with peanuts placed inside a small coconut shell.  Truly refreshing especially if you have been walking for hours.

                                                   Coconut Ice Cream THB 20

On our last day, we decided to indulge ourselves and had a breakfast buffet at Bangkok’s tallest tower.  Baiyoke Sky.  What can I say?  It was breakfast heaven!  Literally we are in heaven with the food and location.  There was so much to choose from.  I was not able to try out everything as I was already pretty stuffed by the time I had the second serving of bacon.  Oh yes!  We rarely eat those little devils that’s why I hoarded.  Sorry.  Cost of buffet per head is THB 450.00.

                                        Table by the Window Baiyoke Sky Tower

The buffet was something I am willing to do over and over again.  For another time I guess.  Or perhaps I would do the Bangkok Food tour.  A guide to the best local Thai restaurants in Bangkok would be awesome.  There are still so many food to try next time and I believe Bangkok will always be open for the adventurous tongue.

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