A Quick Guide to Breathtaking Blue Mountains

<>When visiting Sydney, one of the suggested spots to check out is the breathtaking views of Blue Mountains.

                                                                        The Three Sisters

A day tour at the Blue Mountains is easy if you are thinking of DIY-ing it.  A map is readily available once you step outside the train station of Katoomba.

There are plenty of ways to visit blue mountains.

  1.  You can go and book a Sydney day tour operator which provides bus/ coach and take you to every stops in the blue mountains.
  2. You can drive going there.  The drive will be around 1.5 hours depending on the traffic.
  3. You can take the train.  The train ride would take around 2 hours.

We have tried 2 and 3.  I don’t recommend doing number 3 if you have a toddler with you because that ride would be a total hell for you and for the rest of the passengers.

I remember when we stepped outside the Katoomba train station, plenty of tour operators offer the same service in taking you around the area.  A bus also runs in every tourist spots if you feel like doing it on your own.

One of the visited spots is the Three Sisters at Echo Point.  From the deck you can see the rock formations which overlooks a beautiful lush greenery.  Its truly a remarkable view.  If you are feeling more adventurous you can step up the experience by going down to the rock formation where a bridge connects them.  I didn’t went down for fear of being blown away.  (not that I’m that light be blown away)  It was just too windy that time and wind and heights just make me fear for my life.

My husband and the rest of our group went down to enjoy the thrilling view.  It was a steep descent so it is not for the fainthearted.

You can also try different ways to experience the Three Sisters view through Scenic World Blue Mountain.  You can actually go down to the lush forest through the cableway and the steep railway.  Both rides are connected with walkways.  The cable way has a long queue but the wait is worth it.  I didn’t enjoy the steep railway going up.  I got scared especially it went through a dark tunnel for a few seconds.  If you enjoy those kind of activity you can go and try it.  Getting there is easy.  Accessible by car and public transportation.

The walkway

Besides the Three Sisters lookout, there are plenty of lookouts and outstanding view in the area like the Sublime Point Lookout.  There are also plenty of gardens you could visit.

If a day visit is not enough, there are plenty of motels, hotels and b&b in the area if you need to stay longer and immerse yourself in the beautiful blue mountains.

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