A Quick Glance to NSW’s Central Coast

For our first road trip we decided to visit New South Wales’ Central Coast.  We didn’t opt to stay longer as most of the accommodations were already booked as it was a holiday weekend.  So we just left Sydney at an early time to make the most of our trip.

Central Coast, like the rest of New South Wales is home to a lot beautiful white sand beaches.  So the drive going there was as pleasant as having your kids sleeping for two hours.  The views are just spectacular.

For our day trip we decided to ditch the beach and hit the waterfalls instead.  We decided to visit Somersby Falls because its the closest and it has a swimming area.  This is according to the reviews we have read.  When we arrived there, there were enough parking space.  But the parking area itself is pretty small.  So some of the cars parked along the rough road going to the area.

The park has picnic areas dotted around with one electric bbq in the middle.  There is also a toilet in that area so it is pretty convenient.  The falls is located at the bottom so you have to do a little trekking.  Reminder though, the path is a bit steep and narrow.  If you are not into bushwalking or trekking the walking going down might be a little difficult.

Unfortunately, when we got to the bottom of the waterfalls, there was no water at all.  Only trickles of it.  We visited in January so not much rain has fallen thus the dried up waterfall. We just took some pictures.  It would have been a beautiful waterfalls.

Somersby Falls January 2018

Since, there was no swimming that happened at Somersby Falls, we decided to drive further into the Entrance.

The Entrance is located 30 minutes drive further from Somersby Falls and it is famous for its Pelican Feeding.  We arrived at the area around 3:00 pm enough time to look for parking.  Again, we went there during a holiday so pretty busy.  It was my first time to see a Pelican.  Very beautiful bird.  Big but very majestic when flying and landing.  Aside from the Pelican feeding, kids can play on the beach and on the watergarden.  Food shops line up the stretch facing the water.  There is plenty to do at the Entrance.

The Pelicans

The drive back to Sydney was quick and quiet as the kids were all zonked out from playing at the watergarden.  Central Coast is very pretty.  I would like to visit it again and explore further.


5 thoughts on “A Quick Glance to NSW’s Central Coast”

  1. Awww sad that the waterfalls didn’t turn out to be what you expected 🙁 I hope the kids enjoyed the Pelicans at least! Did you feed the Pelicans? Are there other sights around the area? Hope you’ll get a better view of the waterfalls in your next visit 🙂

    1. I just watch other people feed the Pelicans. Was too scared to go closer. They are huge. from my point of view. 🙂

  2. Sorry that the waterfalls didn’t have much water. This happened to me in another trip. Sometimes it matters when you go but well, I liked the Pelican feeling. I bet the kids enjoyed that too

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