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Food Review: Mint

When Saturday nights call for a dinner outside.  We wanted to go where parking was not a problem, so we decided to go to Burwood.  Parking was not really a problem all right but the restos were – and that’s how we stumbled into Mint.

Who would have thought that Burwood food scene is absolutely crazy?!? I mean the moment we got out of the lift, so many people are queuing in most restaurants.

We had to do a lot of walking and checking each restaurant.  And every time we spot a good one waiting list is quite long.  Then we saw Mint.  It’s a Vietnamese restaurant which serves both noodles and rice.  Win-win.  Noodles for me and the bub and rice meal for the husband.

The shop was not full so we get to choose a table.  Menus were handed out once we were settled as well as tea cups and a flask of hot tea.  I ordered a large egg noddle with grilled pork cutlet and the Mint special grilled cutlet with meatloaf and shredded pork and rice.  And also the Vietnamese iced coffee.

After we have ordered, a plate of crunchy bean sprouts with a sweet fish sauce dipping.  It was a nice appetizer while we wait for our order.  After about 10 minutes, orders were served.  I was a bit surprised with the size of the bowl my noodles were in.  When they said large – it was really LARGE.

It was a bit late when we realized we ordered the same pork cutlet.  Oh well.

The noodle soup was good.  Very tasty broth with a hint of sweetness.  The coriander adds an aromatic taste to the soup.  Bub enjoyed it very much.  Hubby’s plate was not bad either.  The pork cutlet was the winner of the night.  I know it was the only protein we had. *cheeky smile*  It was lip smacking good.  The meat was tender and the sweetness and the saltiness of the marinate is a perfect balance.  The coffee was perfect to end the meal.  The bitter coffee just hits you right in the face.  It was so good.

Total cost for the meal was $35.00.


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