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Food Review: Thirsty Bird

Still on the hunt for the perfect fried chicken.  On the list to try is Thirsty Bird.

I’ve read good reviews about their Southern style fried chicken and how it was a pit stop for the late night diners.  So, off we go to Potts Point.

Driving around this suburb is quite tricky.  The small road is already occupied by street parked cars.  Thus follows the difficulty in finding a parking spot.

I arrived around 11:30, so they were just opening shop.  Yay for me!  Freshly cooked chicken all for me.  Well, all for us.  I ordered their 8 piece + 2 sauces, mac n cheese and bacon and waffle fries.  Lunch sorted!  I had a bit of a wait as they just started.  I don’t mind people watching at their seating area facing the side street.

Ah Sunday mornings – some enjoying a jog, indulging on a yummy brunch or nursing a hangover.  Taht was the scene that day.

When my order was up, I could already smell the promise of a yummy chicken.  A+ for packing.  I love their carton containers.  Looks environmental friendly(?).  So we rushed home to pounce on our treasure find.


The verdict:  Mac n cheese is so so.  Nothing special.  The bread crumbs on top gives the dish a little personality.  The waffle fries is also ok.  Needs a little seasoning.  As for the chicken – it was good.  Crunchy and juicy.  But I’m missing that oomph factor.  If it is Southern fried it should have big flavors right?  I don’t know.  It was just an okay fried chicken for me.


So I guess, the hunt continues.

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