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Food Review: Panlasang Pinoy in Kogarah

<>I rarely see Filipino food shops anywhere in Hurstville or even in Hillsdale where we used to live.  It is mostly located a bit far into Western part of Sydney particularly in Blacktown.  So it is a pleasant surprise when I’ve heard about Panlasang Pinoy in Kogarah.

You won’t miss this shop – it has Calamansi plants for sale outside. 🙂

</>An ad about this restaurant popped up in one of my facebook browsing.  Then when we attended a birthday party I was surprised that the food was ordered from the same restaurant.  So I became curious.  From what I have gathered before visiting the place it caters boodle fight and an all-you-can-eat meal for just $15.

We decided to finally give it a try.  The restaurant is located near Kogarah train station.  It is pretty accessible.  Parking is also not a problem.  We were able to get one near St. George Bank building.

Pinoy Barbecue!

When we saw the shop from the outside, it just looks like your typical Filipino grocery store which also sells hot meals.  But once you are inside, you would be greeted with a variety of pinoy barbecue and a stall where viands are displayed.  There is also a small grocery on the other side of the small hallway.  At the back of the store are tables cramped to accommodate hungry diners.  You have to pay first before being seated.  Once seated you will be given a plate where you can start digging into the big pot of rice.

Of course, pinoy meal won’t be complete without rice.  Rice is life.  For that night, there were sweet and sour meatballs, pork adobo, chicken afritada, bicol express, kare-kare, pork binagoongan, pancit, tocino, tapa, sinigang and spicy beef.  They also have barbecued pork, blood (yes you can actually bbq them!), intestine and chicken feet.  But these babies aren’t included in the buffet.  it is $10 for 3 pieces.  They also have special orders for Papaitan – it is an Ilocano soup made of goat innards and bulalo.

It was a hectic meal but satisfying.  The husband thoroughly enjoyed the barbecue.  After we have fully stuffed ourselves with Filipino food you would think we’re done. Nah-uh.  We also shopped!  There were breads and junk foods (yum!).  Who couldn’t resist buying some chips?  Even if they cost almost twice the price of those sold in the supermarket. Oh well.

BBQ – pork, intestine and blood

Total experience was fun.  But I would probably not do it again – I’ll just do the take away next time.  Maybe because the viands looked like they were just reheated.  Probably come in during lunch when everything is freshly cooked.

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