Food Review: Red Pepper Bistro

<>I love fried chicken.  I can never get enough of it.  It goes well with bread, with waffles and especially with a bowl (or two!) of fried rice.  The city is teeming with different types of fried chicken, I always try to push my husband to visit and sample it.  For this review it will be kfc – Korean Fried Chicken.  The place to visit is Red Pepper Bistro.</>

Red Pepper Bistro is located in Strathfield right inside a RSL Club.  We were a bit hesitant to go in, I didn’t know it was inside the club. I just assumed its a stand alone restaurant.  Anyway, the restaurant has just a small counter at the corner of the club.  Seats are not a problem as there are enough to accommodate more than 50 customers.

The food.  The number of fried chicken they offer is quite overwhelming.  You just want to try all of it.  Good thing though you can order half of one type.  We ordered half Garlic Soy Sauce Chicken, half Spring Onion Chicken, Stif-Fry Potato Noodle and Soft Tofu Stew.

The Fried Chickens

We have to wait for a bit for our order to arrive.  Considering that there were only few customers in the restaurant that time.  And most of them were doing the hot pot.

The verdict.  The fried chicken didn’t disappoint at all.  It was crunchy outside and juicy inside.  The Garlic Soy was really good.  However the spring onion chicken was just their fried chicken with a lot of sliced spring onion on top.  Though the chicken taste good too.  The noodle taste okay and the serving was small.  The tofu stew was a hit.  It was spicy but not in-your-face kind of spicy.  It was a slow burn.  The side dish that goes with it is also ample for two people to share.  Total price for the meal was $62.50.

Tofu Stew

Will we go back again?  Oh yes.  There were more fried chicken on the menu that I should try out.  Too bad about the place was that parking would be a problem.  We came before lunch hour so we were able to get one easily.


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