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My Top 5 Highlights of the Royal Easter Show 2018

</>The Sydney Royal Easter Show is an annual event organized by the Royal Agricultural Society of new South Wales.  The fair does not only have the carnival rides and yummy food, but it also features agricultural information and competition.   You will never get bored once you enter the compound.</>

As I said in my previous post when going to this kind of event. Plan, plan and plan.  I couldn’t stress it more.  So when you leave the place everyone is smiling and no regrets once you get home.  I did just that and below are my top 5 highlights of the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2018.

  1. Visit the Daily Telegraph Paddock

This area is by the entrance and I was so keen on visiting it as there is the Little Hands on the Land.  Kids age from 2-10 are taught about where food comes from.  The bub was a good sport in donning an apron and carry around a small bucket.  Kids were taught how to “harvest” crops.  Even milking a cow.  They also get to ride on little tractors.  At the end of the trail the “farm boss”  will collect all their items and pay them for their effort.  The money can be use to buy some goodies from their stall.  A cup of carrot sticks!

2. Never miss the Showbag Pavilion

I’ve always thought that showbags are just for kids.  Lollies and rubbish-ready toys.  But I was wrong.  Very wrong.  The showbags at the Royal Easter Show was one something that you have to analyze before you hand over your hard-earned moolah.  Most of the sought after showbags are those by Australian Women’s Weekly, Better Homes and Elle Australia.  All of which contains goodies that costs around $200 and up.

My Loot!

I had to do a lot of thinking and budgeting before I entered the pavilion.  I don’t want to overdo it either.  So I bough the Sewing Star showbag that has a mini sewing machine and some linens listed at $20 but I got it for $15.  Yehaw!  I also got the bub a DC Original show bag with a DC hero costume and some toys for $10.  The hubby wanted the Assassin’s Creed bag unfortunately it was already sold out.  Some of the t-shirts were also not available anymore.

3.  Farming Technology

We were amazed with the kind of technologies farms these days use to maximize crops.  Back then, my husband said owning a tractor in their province already makes you the barrio’s rock star.  I guess this is one way of adapting with change especially with the demand of supply in healthy ingredients.

4.  Chomp chomp chomp – Nom nom nom

This is sort of one of my regrets of the show.  I wasn’t able to try the varied food the fair has in display.  I was so wrapped up with the search for the showbag pavilion. But I have definitely seen a lot of smoked goodies.  Also, scattered everywhere in the venue is the lemonade stall.  Looks really inviting especially with the humidity.  A cold lemonade would definitely do the trick.   The usual fair food are also present, hotdogs, popcorn, fairy floss and chips stall are present.  One stall which has a huge queue was the smocked meats and turkey legs near the Spotless Stadium.  My husband was keen to try the food but decided not to brave the line as our little boy was beginning to get cranky.  next time perhaps.

Smoked BBQ Goodies everywhere!

5.  Evening Entertainment

We arrived at the Spotless Stadium when it was almost full.  Good thing we have reserved seats.  Though I didn’t expect it to be pretty high up, the seating and view was still awesome.  The Rodeo show was already on when we got to our seats.  It was fun watching it.  I only see this kind of show in the telly and soppy movies. *cheeky smile* . Then the evening show started with the music from “The Greatest showman” movie while the performance parade in the arena.  The performances were all very entertaining except for those glowing balloon horses.  It was baffling.  Sorry.  The 3 most entertaining of performances were the Double Wheel of Death, the Freestyle MotoX and of course the fireworks.  Truly the greatest show.

Amazing Motorcycle Stunts!