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Sydney Royal Easter Show 2018: This is the Greatest Show

I am still reeling from last Sunday’s event.  The song “This is the Greatest Show” still rings in my ears.  It always bring a smile whenever I think about it and a bit giddy that I was able to attend the event.  Our 2018 Easter Sunday was probably one of the best because of the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

The Royal Easter Show have been advertised quite a lot on the telly for a few weeks prior to its opening on March 23, 2018.  I was a bit curious about what the event is all about as its almost the same as the Dodo Easter Show.   The show offers carnival rides, showbags and food.  Basically sounds similar with the Dodo show, right?  That’s where I’m wrong.

Not keen on going to the show as tickets are expensive, when I won a family pass for the show.  I was ecstatic!  Who would have thought??  So, I dedicated my self to planning the day and make the most of our time there.

The show is located at the Sydney Olympic Park.  There are plenty of options on how to reach the venue.  Part of the ticket/showlink is a free transportation via bus and train.  If you don’t want to pay $25 for a parking bay the public transpo is free.  Just make sure to keep your ticket after the who because you need to show it again when you take the ride.  We drove going there as we live in the Eastern Suburbs and public transpo will take awhile and we have a bub.  Just to avoid tantrums we booked a parking slot.

Next is researching about the show bags.  The list is extensive!  There are plenty of show bags to choose from.  Quite overwhelming.  So almost every night I checked the website and browse the entire 37 pages of show bags and choosing the best one for a good price.  A few days before the Easter weekend there was an option to pre-buy show bags.  This is to avoid the long queues at the venue.  Unfortunately, two nights before we planned to visit that option was no longer available.  So I just list down the bags I am interested and decided to brave the crowd the day we visit the place.

Showbag Pavillion

Then the map orientation.  We plan to go there in the afternoon so we could watch the evening show.  So I studied the map provided in the website so I know what areas to target in visiting.  And to avoid the kids carnival. *cheeky smile* Sorry, but the unlimited ticket ride is quite expensive.  For $35, yes I am cheap.  Sadly when we got there, I was completely lost.  The gates and placing of the landmarks on the map is confusing.  Maps are also provided in the venue by volunteers.  Good thing volunteers are scattered everywhere.  They could give you directions.  The maps are not really helpful.

For the evening show, we pre-booked our seats at the Spotless Stadium.  Again, this is to avoid crowds and bub having a tantrum at the same time.  When we arrived at the stadium the rodeo was already on.  Then main entertainment which is a combination of circus performances and motor sports exhibition.  The show wrapped up with a fantastic display of fireworks.

We had an awesome time at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.   I have my top 5 highlights on my next post.  If given the chance to come back next year, I’d probably come there when it opens and leave when its time for them to close.  Yes, I am that obsessed.