Gunnamatta Park

<>Cooler weather is finally here.  Its the perfect time to visit the beach.  But not for a dip though.  Just to let the bub run and enjoy a sea view.  Today we visited Gunnamatta Park in Cronulla.

Gunnamatta Pavilion


Located in Sutherland Shire, Gunnamatta Park is 30 minutes drive from where we live – Hillsdale.  So if you are coming from the city it would be a little over an hours drive depending on traffic.

The park was not difficult to locate.  Even if you are not driving it is very accessible as it is right next to Cronulla train station and the ferry going to Bundeena.

This is my view from where I sat – *sigh*

What I like about this park is it has a lot of amenities.  It has enough parking slots for park goers, an electric bbq, a playground, picnic tables and toilets.  The best thing about this park is it has a beach right next to it.  There are also plenty of trees to provide shade if you want to set up a picnic mat instead of sitting at the picnic tables.


The park is perfect for families with toddlers.  The kids could just ran and play into the shallow waters.  Or hunt some soldier crabs on the sandy shores.  Or just watch the boats float.  If you are looking for a less stressful beach outing check out Gunnamatta Park.

Soldier Crab Hunting