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5 Things To Do in Sydney’s Chinatown

One Sunday, we decided to take the bus and visit Sydney’s Chinatown

Chinatown is located in Haymarket area.  It is where almost all Asian stores lined up the buildings.  Of course, what is Chinatown without the food and restaurants.  But beside the tummy fillers, you can certainly do more in the area.  Here are my top 5:

Slurp a Ramen at Gumshara:

When we went to Chinatown we had a hankering for a Ramen.  So Gumshara it is.  It is difficult to find the shop as it was inside a food court at the end of Dixon St.  Just to be sure, its the building on the left before you cross Goulbourn St.  They have an extensive menu for ramen.  So you need to prepare yourself and be overwhelm.  Unless you know your ramen, then ordering would just be a breeze.  Food costs around $15.00 and up.

Garlic Tonkatsu


Super Mega Ramen Noodle

Try the Emperor’s Puff

This little shop always has a queue, but the good thing service is fast so you don’t have to wait long.  Since it has been highly recommended on some of the posts I have read.  We decided to give it a try.  Verdict: A delight when popped into your mouth when it has cooled down a bit.  Nightmare if you eat it once you get the bag from the lady.  It is like a small waffle with custard filling in it.  I like it when its a bit warm, once it is in room temperature it loses its appeal.

Emperor’s Puff queue

Shop for Cheap Souvenirs at Paddy’s Haymarket

When I visit a place I always make it a point to buy something to remind me of the place.  I don’t usually go to the usual souvenir shops as they cost a lot and not really good quality.  Anyway, I digress, the entrance to Paddy’s Haymarket are shops that displays all sorts of souvenir items made and of Australia.  Scan every shop before buying that Koala clip or the boomerang with Australia printed on it.  Oh, and don’t forget to haggle!

(photo not mine)Paddy’s market. Sydney, Australia.

Shop at Market City

If your souvenir lists have all been sorted out.  Take the lift inside the building and go straight to 2nd level where some Outlet shops are located.  Yes, outlet stores in the middle of the city!  There is Cotton On for kids and adults, Giordano, Havaianas, and Esprit.  The prices here are lower than the usual retail stores so shop till you drop!

Market Day in Haymarket

This is definitely the main reason I visit Chinatown/Haymarket – the market.  Still inside Paddy’s Haymarket, next to the souvenir shops is the market stalls.  Fruits and veggies are sold in cheap prices considering it is in the city.  Try to visit the place around 3-4 pm as the shops will be selling most of their items in dirt-cheap prices.  Like a bag of 3-piece Broccoli could for a $1.  Expect a chorus of “$1! $1! $1!” around that time.  Oh and bring a trolley bag, you’d probably bag more fruits and veggies than you need for the week by the time the shops closed.

Paddy’s Haymarket (photo not mine)