Bringing the Stork Down Under

<>Have you ever tried flying for 14 hours and very pregnant?  Its honestly the most uncomfortable flight I have ever taken.  Mind you, I have taken crappy airlines before but what I felt the entire flight is just something I don’t want to do ever again.  Like ever.


On my previous post, I have mentioned that I was pregnant before we moved here in Sydney.  It was unexpected but couldn’t be happier that it did happen.  We have waited for 5 years to have this blessing so whatever the situation we are in we just have to make do.

Pregnancy in Abu Dhabi was pretty clear cut.  You go to an OB-Gyn then you get taken cared of.  However, the system of caring here in Australia is bit more complex.  Good thing my sister was here to guide me through it all.  I didn’t have much time to read on what to do or where to go get care before coming here.  I was busy sorting out our stuff in Abu Dhabi – which one to dispose, which one to bring and which one to sell.

Once you have finally settled in your new home.  You can now visit your nearest medical center and book an appointment with a General Practitioner (GP).  You will then ask for a referral for the hospital nearest you.  In my case, I went to Dr. Jason Kiang of Maroubra Medical Center.  I was referred to the Royal Hospital for Women (RHW) in Randwick.  You can visit the hospital or call them for an appointment with the Midwife and/or OB-Gyn.  The RHW Maternity Department is ran by a group of midwives, doctors and interns.  I was a bit anxious when one of the interns checked me instead of a doctor, but then after a few more visits I have already relaxed as they are all knowledgeable and very understanding about your concerns.

I was induced at 38 weeks.  It is necessary as I am Type 2 Diabetic.  I came on the 29th of September and had the baby on the 1st of October.  It was an eventful 36 hours.  I thought I could handle the pain when my labor started, I was so wrong.  I tried all the pain relievers they provided but didn’t work, except for the big E.  Yes, I succumbed.   After the delivery with the help of forceps (last resort as I have a small pelvis), I was rushed to the operating room as I was bleeding profusely and an infection was discovered.  Again, a very eventful 36 hours.

This is me before the whole event started..

I forgot everything that happened when I finally held my son in my arms.  My heart just swell with so much love.  If only I could watch him all night.  I couldn’t thank the doctors, nurses and midwives of Royal Hospital for Women and Prince of Wales Hospital enough for helping us bring our miracle into this world.  Especially to Dr. Andrew Bisits who take care of me during the whole ordeal.  He assured me that whatever happened to me during the delivery will not happen again.  I jokingly replied, “Yes, it won’t as I won’t be having more children anymore.  “Oh you’ll be back. Just give it some time.” was his parting words to me.