Our First Love Letter to Malic

Dear Palangging,

In a few hours from now, We will be celebrating our three special occasion – Mother’s day, Father’s day and a birthday.  Yes, its October and no I’m not mistaken. At exactly 3:42 a.m. on the first of October 2015, a 47 cm baby boy was placed on my chest then I became a Nanay and the man holding my hand became a Tatay.

It took us 5 years, 4 doctors and 1 TCM doctor to have you langga.  Not that we didn’t want to, but because science can be confusing.  Perhaps, one day I will tell you the long road of conceiving you.

For now, I will tell you about the day you made my 11 painful hours of labor worth it all.  For the record, we all have our stories inside that delivery suite that day.  But those stories are reserved for family gatherings only.

I remember when the doctors put you on my chest, the only thing that came into my mind was why does my baby look like a chicken.  A native chicken at that.  I’m sorry, but you looked gangly and pale.  But I love you anyway, I remember I keep saying “Hi Sweetheart.  You’re beautiful.”  Then I blacked out.

While I was rushed to the operating room.  In my mind, I’m thinking about you and your Tatay.  I should wake up soon because I know Tatay will be worried and you must be hungry.  By evening, despite being bruised and sore, I was able to visit you at the nursery.  I almost wept when I saw you with an IV stuck on your left hand.  The nurses said they need to check if you also had an infection thus the needle.  But you know what?  You are a brave beautiful boy.  You had a lot of blood tests, but you didn’t really cry a lot.  We were already so proud of you back then.

Do you know it took us some time to give you a name?  Before the scan, I thought we will be having a girl so was toying with the idea of naming you Magnolia because it is simple and beautiful.  So what then if we have a boy?  Take out “lia” and we have Magno.  Yep, we almost named you that.  But decided to name you Malic instead.  It means “the King or Master” in Arabic/Muslim as a homage to your Apu Talib.  And it also means “Angel of God.”

Long story short – it was an unforgettable first day of spring for 2015.  And as I lay every night next to you, watching as you cutely snore, I am thankful everyday that now we are finally a family.  And as you grow a year old today I pray…

…that you take root in your faith.  Never forget to thank God for every little blessings that you receive.  When things happen not according to our liking, pray.  Just pray.

…that you will not shy away from giving.  May this be a smile, a hug, a kind word.  Whatever you freely give.  Give it with so much gusto.  I always believe that giving is always more rewarding than receiving.

…that you will always be kind and polite.  Respect begets respect.

…that you will embrace humility and be the first to say you are sorry even if its not your fault.

…that you will never be afraid to try.  Explore.  Creativity begins if you go beyond the boundary of “what if’s.”

and lastly, always put importance in the value of family.  They will always be the one to take you  in when all else falls apart.

Be happy langga…

Love you,

Nanay and Tatay