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Wildplay Garden

Having a toddler means you need to pack yourself with activities that will keep them busy until the Dad comes home. *cheeky smile* So I try to do different things everyday just to keep him interested and on his toes.  Luckily, my sister who also has a 4-year old takes me along on some Thursdays to suck the energy out of our two boys.  Our recent outing is Centennial Park’s Wildplay Garden.

I didn’t know the park has this garden until my sister took me there.  The place is fairly new as it just opened a year ago.  The main attraction of the Wildplay garden is the water park where kids could ran around and play with the fountains and mini falls.  So pack a swim suit when visiting this place.  Kids won’t be able to resist all those floor fountains.  Trust me.  Some mums have to give in and let their kids play with just their undies.

There is also a garden of herbs that covers a small tunnel that leads to the other side of the area.  It has a an open space where you can sit on wood stumps or set up a picnic table.

There are also some obstacle trails for bigger kids.  And bamboo maze at the bottom of one of the obstacle bridge.  It will definitely keep the tots busy for a few hours.

You can bring in some food if you are planning to stay quite awhile.  There is one food truck inside, unfortunately it’s an ice cream truck.  I’m not sure if it falls under the food category though.

We stayed there until lunch time.  The boys were blissfully tired.  When we got home nap time was no problem at all.