The Life-In-Abu Dhabi Calculator: Chapter 3 – Transportation


Roaming around the city is one way of familiarizing with the place.  If you are a newbie going around Abu Dhabi it is advisable that you take the taxi.

Taxicabs here in Abu Dhabi is not so expensive compared to Dubai.  Flag down rate is around AED 3.00 during the day then a bit pricier by night which starts at AED 4.00.  If you will be riding the taxi around 9 pm and up minimum charge is AED 10 even if the meter reads less than AED 10.  Another plus point when taking the taxicab is you can be assured that you will reach your destination faster and safer than by taking the bus or by walking.  Taxicabs are the best solution if you want to be fresh and on time for an interview or to get to the office faster.  It would be difficult to get a taxi during school days, so better be early to avoid the morning rush.  You can also call a cab through number 600 53 53 53 to pick you up.

A few weeks in Abu Dhabi and you’d want to hop on that bus and explore more of Abu Dhabi.  I did that once, when I was still new here, I decided to be adventurous and took a bus ride.  Took the No. 54 from Hamdan going to Al Wahda mall.  After a few rounds in the mall it was time to go home.  From the same bus stop where I got off, I took the same bus and imagine my fright when the scenery was no longer familiar.  I ended up in Umm Al Naar Petroleum Institute.  Good thing the bus drivers were nice and informed me that I should alight from the bus stop across the mall.  Lesson learned the hard way – I got an earful from the hubby for that.

Anyway, here are some tips when taking the bus:

a.) Bus No. 5 Landmark stops:

–  Abu Dhabi Mall

–  Tourist Club City Air Terminal

–  Central Souq Market/ WTC Mall

–  Hamdan Center

–  Spinney’s Corniche

–  Marina Mall

b.) Bus No. 8 Landmark stops:

– Lifeline Hospital

– Khalidiya Mall

– Philippine Embassy

c.) Bus No. 9 Landmark stops

– Philippine Embassy

– Marina Mall

d.) Bus No. 11 Landmark stops

–  Al Wahda Mall

–  Philippine Embassy

–  Spinney’s Corniche

–  Marina Mall

e. Bus No. 54 Landmark stops:

– Hamdan Street/ Al Salama Hospital

– Central Market Souq/ WTC Mall

– Al Wahda Mall

Bus fare is AED 2.00 if within the city, outside the city would be AED 4.00.  Before boarding the bus be sure to have enough change.  Bus cards or “Ojra Bus Pass” are also available in the amount of AED 30 for a week or AED 80.00 for one month.  For more information regarding bus fares, cards and routes click here.