Autumn in Singapore

When the cool air of winter will start to caress your cheek when the sun sets, this only means one thing, autumn season is on its way.

After the buzz of the Great Singapore Sale from mid-May to mid-August has settled and the street partying of the National Day Parade starts to die down, its time to make way for the mid-Autumn festival.  Or in Singapore the Mooncake festival.  One night, a few years back, on my way home I stopped at the nearest grocery store to buy myself a cheap dinner, while walking I saw this person standing outside one residential building.  She was standing in front of a drum where there’s a little fire going on inside.  She was holding some sheet of paper and a picture.  Incenses were burning and its odd smell wafting into the night.  I didn’t know what that was all about and just mentioned it to my office mate the following day.  She said that activity was part of the celebration of the mooncake festival.

The following days after that incident, bakeries everywhere started to display colorful mooncakes in their display shelves.  I can’t believe that mooncakes have hundreds of varieties and flavors.  I was overwhelmed with so much curiosity of seeing them all lined up waiting to be gobbled up.  When I asked how much one bite size of caramel and coffee flavored mooncake was — I was completely shocked.  How could a small thing like that could cost a lot of Singapore dollars?!  It cost like one meal already.  And so I bid my time, I was thinking like everything else here in Singapore those mooncakes will also go on sale when their season is over.

Then one weekend, I decided to reward myself for providing our office a good quotation for one project.  We got in the top 3 for the lowest bidder.  And I bought two bite size mooncakes for myself to indulge.  The flavors were mocha toffee and vanilla strawberry.  And I must say, those were the most heavenly mooncakes I have ever tasted.

So before September ends, visit the nearest mall where you are residing, most of the best mooncakes are also featured as the main event.  Most of the featured mooncakes are already on sale.  Also try the bakeries, they cut small bite size portions for taste test.  Try every variety they have before deciding on the flavor.  Sometimes, looks and colors can also be deceiving.  A guide to Singapore’s mooncake bakers:

Bread Junction

HDB Tampines, 201D Tampines St.


Bread Talk

Tampines Mall

Citylink Mall, 1 Raffles Link

Bugis Junction Tower

City Bread

HDB Toa Payoh, 126 Lorong


Crystal Jade My Bread

Suntec City Mall

Bugis Junction Tower


Compass Point, 1 Sengkang Square

Four Leaves

Compass Point, 1 Sengkang Square

Raffles City Shopping Center